2010 Olympics, Science World, BC Cannery : Touch Interactive

Helping 95,000 Visitors Celebrate BC’s Innovation

During the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, the BC Pavilion welcomed over 95,000 visitors from around the world through its space. It was created to celebrate the best of BC’s technology and digital media innovations. Housed on the 4th floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery, the multi-media exhibits immersed visitors in an unforgettable experience.

I was commissioned to develop an touch sensitive interactive map of the area to help lead visitors through the exhibit, as well as a interactive learning kiosk that detailed the highlights of the CIRS Sustainable building at UBC.

Teaching Water Responsibility and Recycling Through Play

Telus World of Science wanted to launch exhibits that helped visitors think about water conservation and recycling in new ways while still being highly engaging and impactful.

I was commissioned to help develop touch interactive kiosks that helped tell the story of how much water was used to produce their food. Visitors could select their food and see how many “bathtubs” of water was required to make their food. A physical sorting kiosk was also developed as a fun challenge for visitors to test their recycling knowledge.

Looking Back at the BC Cannery

BC has changed plenty over the years, none more so than the historic Gulf of Georgia Cannery. With over 20,000 visitors a year, recounting stories of the evolution throughout the years is made more engaging with a touch interactive kiosk. The clips show everything from growth and expansion to the devastating fire that swept through the cannery. The kiosk was developed in both English and French.